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What people are saying…

Claire Gibson writes a stellar trio of heroines—women I want to hug, women I want to befriend, women I want to be. An inspiring tribute to female friendship and female courage!
— Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author of The Alice Network
...a compassionate, engrossing portrayal of friendship and womanhood that illuminates the grueling world of West Point and the harrowing realities of war. The book reminds us that in our darkest hours, despite tensions and time, best friends show up, helping us find the light.
— Bryn Chancellor, author of Sycamore
This book will make you want to call your best friends, or be a better one.
— Nora McInerny, author of No Happy Endings

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More Early Praise…

... Claire’s gripping debut novel provides an inside look at the challenges and joys of life at West Point through the lens of female friendship. A story of faith and endurance, it reminds us that what makes West Point great isn’t its history, but its people.
— COL (Ret.) Dan Ragsdale, (aka, The Crazy Colonel)
...the rare novel that allows you to feel the importance of family, friendship, and patriotism simultaneously...
— Nancy French, author of Home and Away, a Story of Family in Time of War

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Duty. Honor. Country.

In this powerful debut novel set at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, three women—a nationally-ranked point guard, the granddaughter of an Army general, and a rebellious Homecoming Queen—are brought together in an enthralling story of friendship, heartbreak, and resilience.

Everyone knows Dani McNalley is going places. With athletic talent and a brilliant mind, she navigates West Point’s predominantly male environment with wit and confidence, breaking stereotypes and embracing new friends. 

Hannah Speer’s grandfather, a legendary Army general, offers a stark warning about the dangers that lie ahead, but she moves forward anyway, letting faith guide her path. When she meets her soul mate at West Point, the future looks perfect, just as planned.

Meanwhile, wild-child Avery Adams moves fast and doesn’t mind breaking a few rules (and hearts) along the way. But she can’t outpace her self-doubt, and the harder she tries, the further it leads her down a treacherous path.

The world—of business, of love, and of war—awaits Dani, Hannah, and Avery beyond the gates of West Point. These three women know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But soon, that adage no longer rings true—for their future, or their friendship. As they’re pulled in different directions, will their hard-forged bond prevail or shatter?