I’m a writer, but I’m not a food writer or a blogger or a traditional journalist. I write about anything that strikes me as interesting, which means I write about everything: the military, travel, faith, food, education. I've completed ghostwriting projects from blog posts to full-length books. So, no, I don’t really have a niche, but I like it that way.


As an editor I create strategic content for clients nationwide: story pitches, video scripts, optimized social media posts, original photography, donor materials, annual reports, email marketing campaigns and more. I have experience working with clients in the marketing, education, music, non-profit, social enterprise, restaurant, and hospitality industries. 


In addition to writing and editing, I am a lacrosse coach, home cook, runner and avid reader who likes public speaking and thinks a bowl of popcorn can suffice as an entire meal especially when accompanied by something fizzy. I have a husband named Patrick, a Vizsla named Winnie, and I'm currently pitching my debut novel