Convincing myself I have a job again


Convincing Myself I have a Job Self-employment has it's drawbacks. Especially at the beginning of a new week, a new month, and most definitely at the beginning of a new year.

Anyone who works on commission, owns their own business, or must seek out their own projects knows what I'm talking about.

Those of us who are self-employed must constantly convince ourselves that we have a job. That the clock has been punched. That the new work day, week, or year has begun.

After ten days away surrounded by hanging moss, salty air, and ocean waves—it's easy to come home and stay on "vacation" mode.  I need to do the laundry, I must deal with the dust, I can't wake up at 7:00 a.m. — these are lies I tell myself.  And then there are the worse lies... the lies that say I'm not good enough to be a "real"  writer, that "real" writers would already have 10 assignments lined up for 2013... lies lies lies.

And when you work for yourself, lying to yourself can be very detrimental to your paycheck. 

home office

So, I'm back at it. Back at the computer pitching stories here and there and everywhere. Writing even when no one is looking over my shoulder.

Telling myself, "I have a job." And then doing it.


Happy New Year! Pop in again later today to see some awesome pictures of family time in Georgia!