Happy Weekend: Heading to Charlotte!


Allison and Robert I'm hitting the road to Charlotte, North Carolina this morning for a wedding!  My sweet friend Allison Cook is getting married to Robert Dobbins—and I just can't wait to see her!

Allison is one of my best friends from life as an Army brat. She lived at West Point during the same time we did, and always was the type of friend that I could pick right up wherever we left off. When I think back to our time as friends in middle and high school, I think about Allison's wide smile, infectious laugh, and ability to run miles and miles and miles without tiring!  We played lacrosse together, cheered together, and spent a lot of time at my kitchen table reading the bible together. She's one of those friends I just can't stand living so far away from!

Allison worked with Young Life after college, and has worked in ministry ever since. Though I've never met Robert, I can only imagine that he is a gentleman to snag such catch. Congratulations, you two!

For the rest of you, hope you have a very happy weekend!


Photo By Lindsay Lee