Spotlight on: Elizabeth Derck!


IMG_0335 I met Elizabeth Derck at a Kelly Clarkson concert on July 4, 2006. Three years later, I moved to her city and ran into her at Corner Pub's trivia night—a place  she and I hadn't been to before, and haven't returned to since.

But on that second meeting, Liz and I knew we were destined to be friends.

Saturday, we celebrated Liz's 25th birthday around a candle-lit table, listening to some good ol' Ryan Adams, and eating some delicious, homemade, pinterest-worthy food that I cannot take credit for (but can tell you all about), and a DIY chandelier that (kind of) put my husband to shame.


Crackers + Goat Cheese + Strawberries + Balsamic Reduction


DIY Chandelier, courtesy of Zachariah Dorris


Greens + Cucs + Pears + Cranberries + Pistachios + Honey Vinaigrette 

After the meal, we all shared why we were thankful to have Liz as a friend. And the same chorus echoed over and over again: Liz Derck is a godly, intentional, truth-speaking friend. And I regretted missing those three "lost" years of our friendship.


Here's what you need to know about Liz. She has a huge smile and an even huger laugh. She texts you on random mornings, just to say "Hey! I'm thinking about you!" And she never, ever judges me for the horrible TV I watch. In fact, sometimes, she joins in on the watching.

She's a teacher who loves her students. She's a traveler who just booked her next flight to Peru—though she's barely recovered from jet lag from a December jaunt in Austria. She makes spreadsheets. She is creative. She brought gifts for us to her own birthday party. She's the sweetest person I know.



Happy Birthday Liz!