Field Photos, Edition No. 1


Frothy MonkeyMonkeys, Sweetbriar Ave.—Nashville, Tennessee

A few weeks back, I told you that I purchased a new camera—and boy has it come in handy! Believe it or not, I've already garnered my first "photojournalism" gig. Can't wait to tell you more about that.

But in the meantime— check out a few photos from the last week, "in the field." You'll see some fun Nashville stuff, and maybe a few shots from home as well. It's been a fun week in journalism, folks.  A real fun week!


Craft BrewedCraft Brewed, 8th Ave — Nashville, Tennessee

Craft BrewedTurtle Anarchy via Craft Brewed

High GardenThe High Garden—Nashville, Tennessee

IMG_0189Lobby — George Washington Carver High School, Birmingham, Alabama

IMG_0221Hallway—George Washington Carver High School, Birmingham, Alabama

IMG_0407Cooper—Nashville, Tennessee

IMG_0432Patrick's Hands—Nashville, Tennessee

IMG_0471Kitchen in use—Our House