All videos are created and produced by Claire Gibson & McCain Merren. Music by Jamie Liddell.




At the onset of writing Beyond the Point, Claire spent more than 100 hours interviewing women graduates of West Point from the classes of 2001-2010. These are a few of their stories.


Jenn Menn

When she was a little girl, Jenn’s parents took her to West Point for an Army football game. Her brother made an offhanded comment, “maybe someday you’ll marry one of those cadets,” — Jenn had a good comeback.

Mandy Psiaki

While deployed in Iraq, Mandy got a cryptic e-mail from a friend and U.S. Army Chaplain, followed by a request from her parents that she call home immediately. She shares about the shock of loss, and the reality of war.

Mary Tobin

Born and raised in Atlanta, Mary Tobin says she was, “born to be a statistic.” But through the help of several classmates, friends and mentors, she forged a new path.

Jen Wardynski

Rules are important, yes. But West Point is still college. Jen shares some tips for college kids who want to go to West Point and still have fun. Rule Number One? Always be ready to accept the punishment.


Sarah Travaglio

Every time Sarah shares that she’s a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, she gets the same reaction— eyebrows up, shock. The media has trained us to see women in the military as something they’re not. After all, what did you expect?


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