The Green-Humphreys

There are two things you need to know about Kim Green and Hal Humphreys. First, they can hold their liquor. Second, they're the most generous people you'll ever meet. In due time, everything else you'll learn about them is just witty, intellegent, international-traveling, magazine-owning icing on the cake. But there's a third thing you need to know. Yesterday was Kim's birthday.


Rolf and Daughters, Nashville Tennessee

Kim's the type of writer/editor/friend that you dream of—the kind that makes you better, isn't competitive, and is always doing big and badass things that make you strive to do big and better things. Exhibit one: Kim took an extended trip to Cambodia for a project she's working on. Exhibit two: Kim and Hal are running their very own magazine for private investigators. Next to Patrick (and my mom of course)—Kim has been the number one supporter of my writing career since since before it even started.

If it's all a little confusing to you, don't worry—you're probably not alone. Some of us think they're just in the CIA. But in typical Green-Humphreys fashion, they will neither confirm nor deny anything.


Either way... happy birthday Kim! Here's hoping 2013 is full of sugar daddys, good wine, and maybe a joint trip to Belize? I don't know? Is that a stretch?

Bonus photo: