Five best Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

I'm no expert, but here are my favorites! 5. Pistachios. As if pistachios need advertising. They're delicious. And just when you thought this song was left in 2012, they brought it back with Crackin' Gangham Style. (This commercial was demoted from position #3 after news of Psy's anti-American rap lyrics from 2004 were brought to my attention. Too bad.) But the commercial still made me laugh.

4. Brotherhood. Even though this one is totally ridiculous in its premise—and I can't quite tell is Budweiser is being serious or ironic, this commercial made me laugh and want to cry at the same time. Which is a weird and unique combination, so nice job.

3. Leon Sandcastle. Just funny. Plus I love the song they used in this one. What are they advertising though? I forget?

2. Samsung. There's so much I like about this commercial—but particularly these two quotes. "Maybe in 1998 you're the next big thing." "Are you sure you're not here to meet a guy named Sam Sung?"

1. So God made a Farmer. Everyone romanticizes this life, but who wants to do all that hard work? Still, somehow Dodge made me want to put on some overalls and go fork some hay. Nice job.

**bonus: the commercial that got me last year.