Kitchen Renovation: It's Really Happening.

Here we go guys. Tomorrow morning it's goodbye floor, see ya later appliances (thanks to the magic of Craigslist), and sayonara sink. In other words. This thing is really happening. And I'm terrified.

Here are a final few "before" shots.

kitchen before demo

before demo

before demo

I'm not sure what Cooper thinks of the whole impending mess...

before demo


But I think it's safe to say he's as anxious as I am!

Tomorrow, I'm planning on doing a live streaming blog of the demo process. (Not sure how it's going to work yet, but the plan is to publish a blog post, and then update it throughout the day with pictures and little anecdotes. Should be hilarious. Or hellish. Or both.) I hope you'll stop in digitally... or in real life.

I have a feeling we'll need some coffee.