From Two Cars to One: Can it be Done?

How many cars do you own? Statistically speaking, the answer is likely two. Patrick and I owned two. Until recently.


Listen, I'm not saying we'll never buy another car. But when a transmission goes out, and then it goes out again (after you paid to have it repaired), one car starts looking a lot more attractive than two.

For many people, two cars are necessary. If you're married, or living with roommates, chances are the people you live with work on opposite sides of town. Carpooling, as we once knew it, is all but dead.

But for Patrick and me, life with two cars isn't a necessity anymore—it is a luxury. Oftentimes, I use "my" car to run to the store, while Patrick stays at home to work. Then, in the afternoon, Patrick takes "his" car to the office, while I lock myself in my home office to write. We have two cars, but more often than not, we only need one. One sits in the driveway while the other is out on the road. Then vice versa.

So, when one of our cars went kaput this week (his)—we didn't exactly freak out.

In fact, the first thing out of my mouth wasn't "let's start shopping for cars." It was actually something I never would have imagined I would ever say. Ever.

"Maybe you should have my car, and I should get a bike."



I haven't bought a bike yet. (The one pictured above is my friend, Taylor's. Isn't it pretty?) Patrick's car is still in the shop. We're still deciding what to do with it once it's fixed. (And it will get fixed because that shiz is under warranty.)

But can we do it? How do you move from luxury to necessity? 

I think it will mean saying "no" more often. Already, I've had to backpedal (no pun intended) with a friend who invited me to hang out today. I forgot—Patrick took the car this afternoon.  It will mean communicating more clearly.  After all, no more "quick" runs to Target that Patrick won't know about until the end of the month, right? Right.

I think it will also mean buying a bicycle.

What do you think? Is it feasible? Do you live with one car or two? How do you do it?

And what kind of bike should I get?