South Carolina

Field Photos, Edition No. 3: Charleston, SC

I've been enjoying a quick trip down to Charleston, SC this week (more about that soon!), and WOW. I haven't even been here 24 hours, and I already love this place. Sunshine. Palm Trees. Beautiful people. Really, really good food.  Charleston has it all. I'll be heading home to Nashville tomorrow to start tackling our kitchen, but before we get into all that... enjoy these field photos from Charleston!

Here's how it all started. I ordered shrimp and grits and a cucumber martini. For lunch.

IMG_1603I also ate these. Woof.

poogan's porch biscuits

pooganSpeaking of woof, this is Poogan, a puppy that just happened to be on the porch of Poogan's Porch. He's from Hilton Head, and was just in for the weekend. We hit it off because I fed him some biscuit.mary beth

My sweet friend and host, (and birthday girl) Mary Beth (aka Mbeezy). rogue waveYesterday I had the great opportunity to meet (and sip bourbon) with Rhett Boyd, the owner of Rogue Wave Surf Shop. Unfortunately, I did not score surf lessons like I'd hoped. Too cold.king street

kudu coffee

Kudu Coffee. And I ran into Drew Miller (pictured above) from Furman! Small World. charelston photos

Check back soon for more photos!

Field Photos, Edition No. 2: Greenville, SC

best Greenville SC hotel

It's no secret that one of my favorite places on earth is nestled into the piedmont region of the Appalachian Mountains. Just a few hours from the beach and just a stone's throw from the mountains, Greenville, South Carolina is a gem that's seen unprecedented development in it's downtown corridor.

From the beauty of the Westin Poinsett (pictured above and below), to the thrilling suspension bridge in Falls Park, Greenville is bustling with local southern flavor, the right mixture of traditional and modern architecture, and plenty to see and do, all on one street!

Greenville, SC the best hotel

Greenville, SC city hall

Greenville PavilionThis outdoor pavilion on the Reedy River is the site of plenty of outdoor receptions. Beautiful!

Greenville, SC architecture

Greenville, SC suspension bridge




Greenville, SC cook's kitchen

Greenville, SC pavilion

Greenville best coffee houseAnd what other city leaves engraved advice on the stones you walk on?  Answer: no cities.

Greenville Stone 2

Greenville StonesGreenville Statue