edition no- 5

Field Photos, Edition No. 5: The Best Coffee in Brooklyn


This week I'm on a quick trip up to New York City to meet with a few wonderful people (like my sweet friend Jennifer Miller) to talk about journalism and writing books. Today, I'm driving over to West Point to visit my old home and my sister Leigh's sweet family.

But before all that... I had to hit the streets of Brooklyn Heights and take a few photos to share and find a cup of good coffee. Mission accomplished.

brooklyn street

Jennifer's office, overlooking a beautiful May day:

brooklyn books

From the outside looking in:

Brooklyn brownstone

From the inside looking out:

brooklyn door

brooklen flower box

The best coffee in Brooklyn? Found. Tazza in Brooklyn Heights.

Brooklyn Tazza

BONUS. The view from an apartment in Harlem.


I miss Nashville. But I love New York.

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