Our Yard Plan: Remove + Replace

IMG_1148I can't tell you how excited I am to clean up our front yard. We're not trying to sell the house anytime soon, but let me tell you what... it's going to be nice to have some curb appeal! The first thing we need to do is get rid of a whole lot of extra shrubbery and tree cover. When we first moved into our home, there were ELEVEN trees in our front yard. ELEVEN. We've already cut down three, one of which became our Christmas tree, and now, it's time to get out the chainsaw again.

As far as I see it, there are three steps. Remove, Clean Up, Replace.


  1. Front hedge
  2. Tricky-to-maintain rose bushes
  3. All the overgrown ground cover around trees
  4. Mosquito-infested shrubs by our doors
  5. Dying magnolia tree :(
  6. Two misplaced oak trees
  7. Mailbox in center of walkway


  1. Trim up the Crepe Myrtle
  2. Move the bird bath to a more prominent spot (so I can actually see the birds!)
  3. Repaint front porch and steps
  4. Mulch and replace stones to clarify garden beds


  1. The front hedge with grass seed
  2. The Mailbox, off centered.
  3. Three new American boxwoods
  4. Two new evergreen arborvitae
  5. Planters
  6. American Flag

Here's what I mean:

yard clean up Removal

Our Yard Plan

Alright... so what are your thoughts?