margarita hack

The best Margaritas in Nashville

You guys. Today is National Margarita Day!


If you know anything about Patrick and me, you probably already know that we LOVE a good Margarita. Lime? Good. Salt? Good. Tequila? Gooood. So, in honor of National Margarita Day, here are the top three places to find a great one with salt on the rocks in Nashville. Also, make sure to make it down to the bottom to find the best margarita hack... ever.

1. Rumours East: 1112 Woodland St. - 615.262.5346 

Patrick and I spent our first date at Rumours East, and now, we're so excited to try the newest spot— Rumours Wine Bar in the Gulch!  (My friend Kim wrote a whole bunch about how Rumours closed and was reborn.) But whether you go to the East side or Midtown, don't just limit yourself to wine. Their margarita is one of the best around. Tart, tasty, and full of tequila—they may not have chips and salsa to go with it, but you'll surely be celebrating in style.

2. Taco Mamacita's: 1200 Villa Place -  615.730.8552

Taco MamacitasThough no one loves to wait, Taco Mamacita's top-shelf margarita is worth every minute (there will probably be 45). It's also worth every penny—all 900 of them. Anything with Gran Marnier and fresh squeezed lime juice will always be a winner in my book. Go for the "Cadillac," or if you can splurge an extra 50 cents, try the "Black Cadillac."

3. Rospepper Cantina: 1907 Eastland Ave - 615.227.4777

image-20Last but most certainly not least, don't forget our favorite, Rosepepper Cantina. By far the best and most affordable margarita in town, Patrick and I pride ourselves on the fact that we figured out a brilliant Rosepepper hack. Show up before happy hour ends at 7. Order two $5 margaritas. Order one "combination" plate with 2 chimichangas for $9. Walk out with a bill under $20. That's whats up.

Tonight, to celebrate this the best of holidays, Patrick and I will be heading to Rosepepper at 6:00 p.m.! Come join us!