oxford white

The Kitchen: In Progress

My life is all over the place right now. Photographic evidence:

too much soilPatrick and I ordered six cubic yards of soil for our garden beds. We're new to the whole "cubic yards" thing. Anyone need some soil?

kitchen rug

I think I found a rug for our kitchen at TJ Maxx. $16. Boom.

wood floors

Hardwoods are in and beautiful.

outfit for church

My hair is getting longer and I wore this to church where Randy Draughn finally came back from sabbatical and helped Jesus smash my castle to pieces. More on that later.


We finally put up an American flag!!  (That was part of our yard plan)

kitchen lights

The electrician came and installed can lights and this pendant.

crown moulding

We have a microwave. And our über talented carpenter friend, Ben Williams, came by to help install some crown molding on top of our "nekked" cabinets.

new cabinets

I painted cabinet doors (Oxford White, Benjamin Moore) with my friend Amber, and it took ALL WEEKEND LONG.

... we're getting closer!

(I apologize for blurry images... no excuses.)